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I Love a Good Deal

I had one of those days that every bargain hunter dreams of.

First, Gap celebrated Veteran’s day by offering 25% off every purchase.  I happened to be downtown for a meeting, only 1 block away from 3 stories of Gap goodness.  I found a cute shirt on final sale for $2.97!  So, naturally, I bought it in 4 different colors.  A bit much?  Maybe, but for that price, I couldn’t go wrong.


Of course I modeled one for you!  I also picked up a super comfy pair of sweats, and a cute, light sweatshirt.  Both for less than $10 a piece (that’s cheaper than I could find at Target!)

In preparation for Thanksgiving I’ve been shopping for a few critical items, a large platter for the turkey and a gravy boat.  I wanted something simple and classic that I can keep forever, but inexpensive as they’re pieces that may only be used once a year.  After coveting items from Crate and Barrel, I found the Tar-jay equivalents for less than half the price.  They are perfect.


And that vase?  That vase is the central element of a grand plan for a Christmas dessert event centerpiece.  I couldn’t believe I found such a great piece and on sale for $18 at Cost Plus.

Shopping success.
PS. Have you heard about the coupon for 30% off at Old Navy this weekend?  I’m avoiding going anywhere, so that I’m not tempted to go shopping again. 🙂


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What Did I Do on Tuesday?

…Meal Planned and bought groceries.

One of the things I’ve enjoyed about being off work is getting groceries mid-week and mid-day.  The stores are never busy and there’s no traffic.  So, I’m able to go to the produce market, Costco, and the grocery store.

I brought my camera along today and snapped a few photos here and there.

First, you’ll never guess what I found at Costco. Sorry for the blurry photo, I snapped it quick, because what would people think of some lady taking pictures of a pallet full of bottled sauce at Costco??


Panda Express Orange Chicken Sauce!  For only $4.95 for such a large bottle, you could really save some money making it yourself at home.  I didn’t buy any, but I’m thinking orange chicken will be on the menu soon and I’ll be back to take it home.

Next, the grocery store had some beautiful cabbage and kale plants.



This week was an unusal week.  I really stocked up…


Things that jumped into my shopping cart included the new Mikes Punch.  I tried one when I got home and it’s tasty!


I also bought Costco Garlic Bread.  If you’ve never had it, go get some.  They bake it fresh everyday.  It’s even warm with you pick it up from the shelf!  I slice it as soon as I get home and keep it in the freezer.  Then, when we want some, I can just defrost a slice or two at a time.  You will always find some in our freezer.  Always! It’s considered a staple here.


And, I bought 4 packages of ground turkey.


Why?  Well, at $4.99 a pop, that would normally be $20 worth of meat.  But, these were all marked “Use or freeze by 9/30/09”.  That’s tomorrow.  So they each had a $3 off coupon attached.  That’s just $1.99 for each 1.25# package.  So, I got $20 worth of turkey for only $8!  I love deals like that!

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