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Welcome to the Jungle

While strolling the aisles of Target last month, I came across some fun curtains.  After shopping for a duvet cover for over a year and deciding I couldn’t justify the cost of anything I absolutely love, these curtains became the inspiration for a quick bedroom makeover.  At half-off (because they were an online purchase returned to the store) I couldn’t walk away.  And I found an inexpensive solid duvet cover that works great.

I can’t believe we lived without curtains for over two years.  The window was so naked.

Next up, a new quilt for the bed.  I washed and dried the fabric earlier this week.  Time to get cutting and sewing.


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My favorite part of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is when they move the bus.  I mean, who doesn’t love the look of surprise on everyone’s faces?
Well, we had our own big reveal of our family room remodel at Thanksgiving.  We finished with just a couple days to spare.  It feels so good to be done with it!  So everyone yell with me “Move that bus!” and enjoy these before and after photos:

From the front door:

From the living room:

From the kitchen #1:

From the kitchen #2:

From the family room #1:

From the family room #2:

We absolutely love the new space!  I enjoy the extra light that comes through the opening.  I love that on Thanksgiving I could watch the Macy’s Day Parade while I was stuck in the kitchen cooking.  I love that Alex can be in the family room and I can cook and feel like we aren’t so separated.  We love it all!

At one point we thought we’d put french doors in.  Logistically, it wasn’t worth it (we would have had to move the door to the garage over to make it all work) and the cost didn’t make sense.  We knew we’d have the doors open 90% of the time too, we’d only close them to separate the dogs on occasion, so why bother?  Instead, I got smart and bought a gate (and one additional extension to fit it for our opening size).  It’s tension mounted, so we can take it down if we want for parties, but it’s great to keep the dogs out of the family room when we aren’t in there to supervise them.  I highly recommend this gate for anyone with dogs or kids.

 So that’s it!  No more drywall dust.  No more  shop-vac as a furniture piece in the family room.  And especially, no more painting or caulking.  Give us a couple months though, we’ll find a new project to tackle.  (Like, a new door to the garage, new white trim in the rest of the house, or new carpet in the family room since ours has a hole in it where a wall used to be and is a hideous blue… I haven’t thought about it at all though, can you tell?)

Don’t forget to check out how we got to the finish line:
Cutting the opening
Sanding, sanding and more sanding
Painting trim

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I finished sanding our family room doorway today!


I am so glad to be done and excited to prime and paint it.  Next up is a lot of dusting around our house.

See that spot under the platter that is shiny and dark? Yeah, that’s the clean part of the table. I’m so sick of this dust!

I’ve also been cutting fabric and started sewing a new quilt.


Alex has been busy too.  He finished all the pressure washing for the year.


We didn’t even realize just how dirty the deck really was.

Today – I voted (did you?) and Jack helped me make decisions.


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After a quiet and relaxing weekend, we packed quite a bit into today.

Alex mowed the yard.  The fertilizer for the new grass seed along with regular watering and a good rain has made our lawn go crazy.  Hooray!


Do you see all of those happy baby grass blades??


As usual, Jack supervised.


I spent the morning giving baths to our stinky kids.


Who now smell quite pleasant. Thankyouverymuch.


(It was random that they’re both looking the same direction… We need to work on directing attention to the camera.)

Then, this afternoon I baked some Spicy Zucchini Cookies. (Thanks Donna for the zucchini!)


They aren’t as “spicy” as I’d expected, but are very tasty.  I even took some over to our neighbors to share :).

And my wonderful hubby grilled up a very yummy dinner – steaks, grilled zucchini (again, thanks Donna!), and garlic mashed potatoes.


(Can we say Holy Huge Steak, Batman?!  I got these steaks on sale earlier this summer for a great deal.  We ate two when I bought them and froze two for a treat later in the summer.  It isn’t often on splurge on huge deliciousness like this.  But Alex is definitely a meat and potatoes man, so I think it’s a nice treat for him.)


(I think I’m a real blogger now, I’m taking pictures of everything!… Did I just share a picture of raw meat on my counter with the whole internet? … But do you see those savings??)

Finally, I’ll leave you with the bloom I discovered on the deck this evening.  It’s been opening for a couple days, but really popped today.


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Birdie Breakfast

Our two bird feeders used to hang in the backyard, outside the kitchen, but the birds would munch what they liked, drop the rest on the deck, and our doggies were eating way too much birdseed.  Gross.

So, we relocated our suet feeder to a family room window since we spend so much time in the family room and the kitty can enjoy it easily too.  The result is amazing.  We’ve seen so many  more birds.  In particular, this family of Chickadee babies come to eat about once a day.  We’ve counted more than a dozen at one time on the feeder.


By Murphy’s Law, I never have the camera close when they come, but today when I ran across the house to grab it most of the birds were still munching when I returned.  It’s so amazing to see so many there at once.  And, they only stay for about a minute, and they’re off.  I wonder if they have a schedule of how to hit all the good bird feeders in the neighborhood each day.

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From Dirty to Purty!

Summer is winding down, so I thought it was about time to tackle the not-so-fun items on my summer to-do list.  Last week, cleaning tile grout.
I started with the entry way and fireplace hearth and they were so easy.  Check out the entryway before and after.


Jack helped in his usual way, by supervising.  Here he is guarding the house and modeling with our favorite cleaning product.


Next up, the white tile and white grout shower surround (note to self: never tile a shower in all white).  I’m hoping to get it back to white and seal the grout.

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