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I can’t believe it’s been 10 whole days since I was last here.  What can I say?  The weather here has been gorgeous and we’ve been enjoying it a little too much.  And I’ve got the pictures to prove it.

My peony soaked up the sun and went from this


to this

IMG_3994  IMG_3997

overnight (okay, over-day really, but who says that?).  I couldn’t believe it!  I left for work and all the buds were closed and I came home that night and half the buds had opened!

What else have we been doing?

Watching the tomatoes grow,


Keeping an eye on the dahlia as it pops up,


Enjoying the marigolds blooming

IMG_3956  IMG_3974



And watching the grass grow,

IMG_3983  IMG_3985

Meanwhile, my amazing hubby has been working on organizing the garage and I’ve been working on this


One of these days I’ll catch the internet up on the story of my sewing (I just started last October).

And, we’ve been spending time with family,


Happy sunshine to everyone!


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Who wants a BLT?

We do!  That’s why we planted tomatoes in the backyard! 

We thought 3 plants would be a good start for this year.  Two are Early Girls and I think the other is an Early Goliath.  We did a little research about tomatoes and found out that tomatoes with a short growing season do best here since Seattle has a short summer that isn’t very hot.  So, we opted to buy some tomato starts at the farmers market that were grown by a local farm, The Root Connection.

Alex planted them a couple weeks ago along the back of the house.  They’re in a spot near the house where they’ll stay nice and warm and get sun almost the entire day.  Let’s hope all the research we’ve done this year helps to produce some yummy fruit.

PS. See the grass?? Yes, it’s growing! And these pictures are from two weeks ago.  Since then, Alex has mowed it a couple times and today he was re-seeding spots that haven’t come in well.  We’re a little behind on taking updated pictures, but I assure you it’s doing very well and we will share it soon.


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The Fuschias are Flourishing

The week of warm weather here has made some of our plants quite happy.  In particular, my fuchsias are starting to bloom.

I’ve got two round baskets hanging in iron hearts, and two square baskets hanging in front of the bedroom windows.


Can’t wait to see them keep growing!

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