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Spring has Sprung!

To celebrate the first day of spring, Alex and I did a little shopping today and got our hands dirty.  We only planted about half of what we came home with but it looks great already.

Seven new Heather plants along the curb.  We’ve wanted to fill this part of the front garden since we bought our house 4 years ago.

And 6 new flowering plants in the rose bed.  Another bare area that we’ve had trouble figuring out how to fill.


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Half Price Plants

I have this thing about rescuing plants.  Home Depot. Lowes. The local nursery.  Anytime I see plants on sale, I have to see if there are any that I can rescue.  That’s how I brought home this guy.


It’s a Dieffenbachia.  I was checking out the Christmas sales at a local nursery and home store and found him1/2 off because he had a couple broken branches and was sort of lopsided.  For $7.50, how could I say no?  I trimmed him up and hope that my dining room table is bright and warm enough for him.  Wish me luck in keeping him happy.

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After a quiet and relaxing weekend, we packed quite a bit into today.

Alex mowed the yard.  The fertilizer for the new grass seed along with regular watering and a good rain has made our lawn go crazy.  Hooray!


Do you see all of those happy baby grass blades??


As usual, Jack supervised.


I spent the morning giving baths to our stinky kids.


Who now smell quite pleasant. Thankyouverymuch.


(It was random that they’re both looking the same direction… We need to work on directing attention to the camera.)

Then, this afternoon I baked some Spicy Zucchini Cookies. (Thanks Donna for the zucchini!)


They aren’t as “spicy” as I’d expected, but are very tasty.  I even took some over to our neighbors to share :).

And my wonderful hubby grilled up a very yummy dinner – steaks, grilled zucchini (again, thanks Donna!), and garlic mashed potatoes.


(Can we say Holy Huge Steak, Batman?!  I got these steaks on sale earlier this summer for a great deal.  We ate two when I bought them and froze two for a treat later in the summer.  It isn’t often on splurge on huge deliciousness like this.  But Alex is definitely a meat and potatoes man, so I think it’s a nice treat for him.)


(I think I’m a real blogger now, I’m taking pictures of everything!… Did I just share a picture of raw meat on my counter with the whole internet? … But do you see those savings??)

Finally, I’ll leave you with the bloom I discovered on the deck this evening.  It’s been opening for a couple days, but really popped today.


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Stuffed Tomatoes

We’ve been enjoying more tomatoes from our garden.


Alex heard something on the radio about making stuff tomatoes and quickly requested them for dinner.  I served them with mashed sweet potatoes.  I’m really starting to enjoy Fall dinners – casseroles, mashed potatoes, spaghetti and other fall squash, and I saw sugar pie pumpkins at the market last week.  A lot less grilling going on here.

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More than Green Tomatoes

Big news around here.  We’ve got tomatoes that aren’t green; they’re Red!




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Hotpocalypse ’09

We’re surviving through Hotpocolypse ’09 in the Pacific Northwest.  Just a few months ago we made it through the winter Snowpocalypse ’08.  It’s been a crazy year of weather, we’re just hoping to come out of the week alive.

The bad news is that it’s been hard to keep up with watering our outdoor plants (tomatoes, flowers, fuchsias, dahlia); the good news is that when kept wet, they are growing like crazy.  Yesterday, my first dahlia bud popped:


If I can survive the heat of the beaming sun, I might venture outside to take photos of the fuschias tomorrow.  I’ll get them posted soon, if I don’t melt first. 😉

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Two Month Tomato Update

IMG_4488The tomatoes have taken off!  One plant needs to be chopped off because it’s exceeded the height of the cage we’d built.  All the plants have plenty of green tomatoes growing.  It’s been hard to keep up with the watering, especially with the record heat wave we’ve had, but they seem to be flourishing.  Can’t wait till some turn red.  First thing we’ll make are some BLT’s.

Don’t forget how small they were when we planted them, only about 6″ tall.  Now they’re about 4-5′ tall.


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