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My favorite part of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is when they move the bus.  I mean, who doesn’t love the look of surprise on everyone’s faces?
Well, we had our own big reveal of our family room remodel at Thanksgiving.  We finished with just a couple days to spare.  It feels so good to be done with it!  So everyone yell with me “Move that bus!” and enjoy these before and after photos:

From the front door:

From the living room:

From the kitchen #1:

From the kitchen #2:

From the family room #1:

From the family room #2:

We absolutely love the new space!  I enjoy the extra light that comes through the opening.  I love that on Thanksgiving I could watch the Macy’s Day Parade while I was stuck in the kitchen cooking.  I love that Alex can be in the family room and I can cook and feel like we aren’t so separated.  We love it all!

At one point we thought we’d put french doors in.  Logistically, it wasn’t worth it (we would have had to move the door to the garage over to make it all work) and the cost didn’t make sense.  We knew we’d have the doors open 90% of the time too, we’d only close them to separate the dogs on occasion, so why bother?  Instead, I got smart and bought a gate (and one additional extension to fit it for our opening size).  It’s tension mounted, so we can take it down if we want for parties, but it’s great to keep the dogs out of the family room when we aren’t in there to supervise them.  I highly recommend this gate for anyone with dogs or kids.

 So that’s it!  No more drywall dust.  No more  shop-vac as a furniture piece in the family room.  And especially, no more painting or caulking.  Give us a couple months though, we’ll find a new project to tackle.  (Like, a new door to the garage, new white trim in the rest of the house, or new carpet in the family room since ours has a hole in it where a wall used to be and is a hideous blue… I haven’t thought about it at all though, can you tell?)

Don’t forget to check out how we got to the finish line:
Cutting the opening
Sanding, sanding and more sanding
Painting trim


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Alex cut and dry fit the trim.  It’s currently being painted.

We’re still aiming to get it done by Thanksgiving (T-Minus 7 Days).  We’re also hoping to clean the carpet in the family room and thinking about getting a pet gate at the new doorway to help preserve our soon-to-be-clean carpet.  We’ll see.

PS. The Home Depot guy was right.  The secret to a nice paint finish on trim is Flotral and the most expensive paint brush you can get (The Purdy).

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I finished sanding our family room doorway today!


I am so glad to be done and excited to prime and paint it.  Next up is a lot of dusting around our house.

See that spot under the platter that is shiny and dark? Yeah, that’s the clean part of the table. I’m so sick of this dust!

I’ve also been cutting fabric and started sewing a new quilt.


Alex has been busy too.  He finished all the pressure washing for the year.


We didn’t even realize just how dirty the deck really was.

Today – I voted (did you?) and Jack helped me make decisions.


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the drywall!  Its no longer sitting in the garage.

Here’s the progress of the remodel:

Alex replaced the sub-floor to cover up the hole for the old air return.  Jack supervised.


Chica found a piece of duct tape that used to hold the carpet pad together. It became her toilet-paper-stuck-on-the-shoe curse for a while before we saved her.


The day ended with drywall up.  Lets not focus on the dented portion on the ceiling.  There was a bit of a mishap that included a scrape on Alex’s leg, a chair falling in the hole on the floor and a really banged up piece of drywall.  We’ll pull it back down and replace it before finishing it.


It’s starting to look less like a dump and more like a house again!

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We’ve decided to do a little remodel at the house.  It started out innocent enough – lets get some new carpet for the family room.  However, I’ve had this idea brewing for a while to remove a closet in the room and open the doorway up a bit.  And if we were going to do, it’d need to be done before the new carpet.  But, that closet happens to house a return air vent in a wall we want to remove. So, we need to move the vent, and if we’re going to move the vent, maybe we should just get a new furnace while we’re at it, since ours in 23 years old and our home inspector 2 years ago said it was ready to be replaced.

So, we got 6 furnace quotes and spent the last two weeks researching furnaces and the companies and finally made our decision.  We’re hoping the furnace will be installed next week.  I wanted to wait until after the furnace went in to remove the wall, in case we have any problems relocating the vent… but, we don’t have any plans for tomorrow, so it seemed like a good day to get going.

Alex and my best friend’s boyfriend, Kyle, ripped out some drywall and studs today to open it up a bit.  It already looks a million times better.  We’re hoping to install double glass doors which we need to purchase before we finalize the opening dimensions.  Hopefully soon!












(Side-note: Alex went to The Home Depot to pick up that super strong contractor garbage bags and was approached by a sales associate to take a 15 minute survey and in return he got a $50 gift card. So, those trash bags were free and we’ve still got $35 to spend there.  Awesome!)





Meanwhile, I spent the evening sewing with Karen (with occasional breaks to document the destruction):


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