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We’ve been missing lately because we’ve been spending so much time outside.  It’s the perfect time to be re-seeding the yard.  Our work in the Spring was successful, but there were patches that didn’t grow in as well as the rest.  So, we’ve been breaking our backs to make it perfect.

Alex dethatched the front and side yard himself.  After killing his back, he made an appointment with is favorite chiropractor here and I took over and detached the back.



As usual, Jack participated as Project Supervisor and Official Household Stick Chewer.


We made one change from our Spring plan.  We used peat moss to cover the seed instead of straw.  It was much easier and cleaner to work with.  We’ve got grass sprouting already.  So, pictures of a lush green lawn are on their way soon.


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Author:  Alex

As with any project the time spent preparing greatly increases the chances for success. We hit the yard hard and prepped it for topdressing and overseeding.

Before dethatching I spot treated weeds with Roundup and sprayed iron to kill off moss. Some areas were so bad I used my landscape pick to dig everything out to bare soil.

Dethatching took just under two hours which is convenient since that’s the rental shop’s minimum rental charge. I spent the rest of the day raking the front and side lawns.

Later that evening when Jess came home she raked the backyard and made neat little piles.

Backyard facing the street


Along the deck

All of those little piles became a couple BIG piles in the driveway. A friend from work loaned us his utility trailer for the week. I hauled two full loads of just grass stuff to Pacific Topsoils to recycle. We’re really lucky that they have a shop in Kenmore, about 3 minutes from the house.

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Author:  Alex

Jess and I decided it would be a good year to cleanup the backyard and plant grass where our old “entertaining deck” used to be. I somehow let this spiral out of control and we eneded up topdressing and re-seeding all of our lawns.

We’ll be posting more pictures and excerpts of this adventure soon.

These are images of what we started with. The old east lawn was horrific. There were ruts everywhere and an abundance of weeds.

The decks had lots of rot and were constructed poorly; they needed to come down.

Once all of the deck material was removed we were left with what we called the “pit”.


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