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Alex and I had a big date yesterday and went to the fair.  I ate a corn dog, a block of curly fries, and we just had to finish the night off with a funnel cake.  I think we both met our fried food quota for 2010.
We saw the All-Alaskan Pig Races, watched the lumberjack show, meandered through barns of cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, poultry, swine, dairy cows, and pigmy goats.
The highlight of the outing was the speedway.  Events included Figure 8 school buses races, hornet races, rolling cars, and the demolition derby.  The finale was a fireworks show. 

Chevy had a display of cars and trucks at the fair.  Alex tried this one on for size.  I think he looks pretty good.

The cars were all on display before the event and drivers were available to answer questions and sign autographs.

5 and 1/2 school buses racing the Figure 8 track.


And of course, some demolition action:


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Lingerie Soiree

Yesterday I had the joy of co-hosting a lingerie bridal shower for my best friend.  Her wedding is in less than 2 months and I can’t wait to stand by her side as her maid of honor!
The theme was bright summer colors and lingerie.  We made Martha Stewart’s tissue poms for decoration.  They were a big hit.  Everyone wanted to know just how we made them.


The event was planned by myself, 2 bridesmaids, and the bride’s mother.

Since the event started at 2 PM, we loaded a table full of light, summery food – chocolate covered strawberries, mixed nuts, cucumber sandwiches, tea cookies, cheese and crackers, fruit skewers, and M&M’s.


Yesterday happened to be a record-breaking day in the area with temperatures in the mid-to-high 90’s!  So we also had an abundance of cold beverages: Spatinis, punch, lemon water, bottled water, and Izze sodas.

The favors were sets of lingerie cookies. They turned out so cute!  And we capped the event by serving Chocolate Silk Cake with Bavarian Cream Filling and White Buttercream Frosting.  Yes, it IS as delicious as it sounds.

And we couldn’t finish off without a photo of the bride and her local bridal party.

Love you K! I can’t wait to throw you a bachelorette party too!

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Weekend Waves

I had an awesome weekend with my bestest friend in the world.


Karen was able to escape work early on Friday and we left town before lunch.  After getting some cash, eating at Karen’s favorite place (Red Robin) and stopping at an estate sale on the way, we headed to the coast.

However, due to some record rainfall in the region on Friday, we started out with a long traffic delay – 45 minutes of crawling due to an injury accident blocking 2 lanes.

Oh well.  We eventually made it to the beach and enjoyed the rest of the night with some pizza, wine and a movie.

After a late breakfast at a local cafe, we spent mid-day Saturday walking the beach.  The tide was higher than I’ve ever seen and it was raining, so there were no shells to be found and we came back soaked.  But, it was relaxing and so worth it.



Can you see the rain on Karen’s coat and my glasses? We were cold and wet!


The rest of the day included relaxing on the couch, drinking more wine, eating chips with salsa & guacamole and quesadillas for dinner, and watching season one of Sex and the City.  Everything a girl’s weekend should include.






Luckily, the weather cleared up by Sunday and we took a quick walk on the beach before having to pack up and head home.


I loved the drive home.  The changing leaves are my favorite part of Fall.




I was sad to see the weekend end, but Jack and Chica were glad to drop Karen off and reclaim the front seat and get back home.

Jack’s favorite spot in the car, “I’m inside the car, but I can smell the outside!”


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Weekend Sneak Peek


Loaded up the munchkins…


…and spent the weekend with my favorite friend at the beach.

More pictures to come.  Time to go pick up the monster from school and goof off for the afternoon.

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Yesterday, I made Monkey Bread for breakfast!  It came from the yummy Beantown Baker Blog.  It was SUPER easy and tasted delicious.  I think it’s probably intended to serve 6 or 8, but we made it serve 2 pretty well (okay, we had a little left over, so it serves 2 1/2).

I used my Pampered Chef Fluted Stoneware.  Around here, we bake just about everything in stones.  It was the first time I’d used this stone, so I gave it a good coating of Pam, but normally, they require no spray.  Also, all of the Pillsbury biscuits I saw at my grocery store were Grands.  Since the Beantown Baker says not to use Grands, I opted for the generic brand biscuits.  I bought 3 tubes of the 10-pack (small) biscuits.  They seemed to work just fine.





Note: no Monkeys were harmed in the making of this breakfast.
Also, Alex thought these were so good, he wants to take them to work to share.  Tonight he asked “how hard would it be to make 3 batches of Monkey Bread for tomorrow”.  Um, impossible, I don’t have any biscuits… Maybe later this week.

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Friday Night Bonfire

My most amazing best friend Karen invited me to join her young adults group Friday night for a bonfire at Alki Beach.  I cannot believe that I’ve lived in Washington for  15 years and don’t think I’ve ever been to Alki.  It was amazing and the weather could not have been more perfect.

We got there early to claim a fire pit for the night.  The view was spectacular.  We watched a cruise ship leaving Seattle and ferries going back and forth.  We picked up dinner right across the street at Spud Fish and Chips.  I had the clam and chips with a vanilla milk shake.  Mmm.  The sunset was relaxing, and we enjoyed a hot fire and made s’mores.  I hope to do it again someday so I can take Alex and share the experience with him.







How about you, what did you do this weekend?

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A day of rest

This is the scene in our family room today.


What great napping buddies.

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