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We finally made the switch to a new vet on Tuesday.  While we loved our old vet, driving 45 minutes to see them was getting a bit old (we did move over 2 years ago).  I loved the vet herself, but her office staff was less than stellar, so I gave up and finally decided to moved on.  We’ll see if the new vet I picked can live up to our high expectations.

Chica did well.  She’s had a few small seizures over the last couple months, but overall her medication seems to be keeping them under control.  Her liver enzymes however aren’t looking good.  So, we’re going to try a couple weeks of antibiotics with the hopes that its only an infection and we can clear it up.  Fingers crossed.


Usual mid-morning nap, unaware of the afternoon we’re about to have.


Car rides are awesome (until you realized where they’re taking you.)

Lets just say that 3 vaccines later and Chica wasn’t in the mood for photos 🙂  Shes doing fine today though.  Ask me again tomorrow after I start giving her an extra pill and drops at each meal. :/

Today is Wednesday which means its my weekly September playdate with Zoe.  We had macaroni and cheese with apple slices for lunch.  Shopped at Target and bought coloring pages, markers and crayons. Spent the afternoon coloring.  And made a trip to the lake because this late summer/fall weather we’re having is amazing!


That cat is stealing all the good pets, I need to get in on this action.


Much better.


See mom, I really can be a good boy sometimes!





I couldn’t have asked for a better day.  I only hope the weather is this nice for my last Zoe playdate next week.


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Friday Night Bonfire

My most amazing best friend Karen invited me to join her young adults group Friday night for a bonfire at Alki Beach.  I cannot believe that I’ve lived in Washington for  15 years and don’t think I’ve ever been to Alki.  It was amazing and the weather could not have been more perfect.

We got there early to claim a fire pit for the night.  The view was spectacular.  We watched a cruise ship leaving Seattle and ferries going back and forth.  We picked up dinner right across the street at Spud Fish and Chips.  I had the clam and chips with a vanilla milk shake.  Mmm.  The sunset was relaxing, and we enjoyed a hot fire and made s’mores.  I hope to do it again someday so I can take Alex and share the experience with him.







How about you, what did you do this weekend?

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Earlier this week, I found a recipe on one of my favorite baking blogs for S’mores Bars.  When I showed it to Alex, he responded “Can you make those tonight?”  Um, no.  First, we still had Zapple Pie leftovers – my hips can only handle so many sweets.  Second, I was missing a couple ingredients from my pantry.

So, two days later, I was baking.
I altered a few things from the recipe that Peabody posted.  First, I don’t have a 10×15 pan (that’s huge!), so I used a 9×13.  This meant that my brownie layer was thicker so I baked them about 45 minutes (which is 10-15 min longer than the recipe calls for), I just kept testing them with a toothpick until they were done.  Also, I know my oven bakes hotter in the back, so I rotated them about 1/2 way through.  Lastly, I haven’t mastered the double boiler.  So, for simplicity, I melted the chocolate and butter in the microwave.  It took about 7 minutes on level 3 and I just pulled it out every 30 seconds to give it a good stir.  It worked great.

Chica supervised in the kitchen while Jack nappedkept guard at the back door.


The most fun part was watching the marshmallows puff up under the broiler.




These were absolutely amazing!!  But, there was no way we could eat them all, so I sent them to Alex’s work and only saved a couple for us. 

I’m so proud of myself.  I’ve always thought of the food on Peabody’s blog as being gourmet and fancy.  And, now I’ve made something from it. This is the first time I’ve made a brownie batter from scratch too.  Yay!

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We’ve been busy.

It’s rained a couple times,


Chica’s fur is slowly, emphasis on the slooowly, growing back,


Jack is just Jack,


We retired our 23 year old furnace and our 16 year old hot water heater,
(More on that to come in a future post)


I found out that I’m not returning to work next week as originally planned, so I’ve been applying for some part-time jobs to fill my time for the next few months…


Lots of baby Chickadees have been visiting our suet feeder and loving it.  We’ll be watching TV and just look up to see a swarm of them.  One day I think there must have been a dozen birds on there!


We took in a Mariner’s game with my best friend and her boyfriend,






Where we did the wave,


Alex took a nap out on the deck on a sunny day,


Jack and Chica helped,


I spent an afternoon with my niece,


Who was goofy and insisted that I had to take a picture of her “like this”,


And we saw the home where her dad and her uncle (Alex) grew up,


I attended a happy hour at an awesome place, The Alibi Room, down a sketchy alley in Seattle,


And, I helped celebrate my nephew’s 2nd birthday,



Whew! I waited way to long to catch up on all of that!

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I’ve been off work for 6 1/2 weeks now; only 3 1/2 weeks of summer vacation left.  You’ll see I’ve got plenty of free time on my hands:

Alex and Jess Stick Figure

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The Zoe Monster came over to play for a little while today.  She was convinced that Jack should play fetch, whether Jack liked it or not!  We listened to “Jack! Jack! Jack, get the ball! Jaaaaaack! The Ball!”  It was cute.  Jack may disagree but he can’t talk, so who cares?  He did have some fun but got hot and tired and quit.  He hasn’t mastered the fetch command either.  He likes the go get it part, but lacks skill in returning the ball.  I think deep down he thinks “Hey, dude, if I have to run around, you do too! Now come get this ball and throw it again.”
Guess he’s got us trained better than we’ve got him trained.





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Our favorite across-the-street neighbor stopped by at 11 this morning.  We were still in bed but heard the distinct squeeeeeeeek of our storm door opening and both looked at each other with the “are you expecting anyone?” look.  Turned out, they had bought tickets to the jazz concert at the winery for today but decided it was too hot for them to be outside all afternoon.  So, they gave their tickets to us.

It sure was a hot day.  But, we stayed cool drinking lots (2+ bottles) of cold wine, eating ice cream (yummy Ben and Jerry’s) and enjoyed some personal fans courtesy of a local bank that was advertising there.

I don’t listen to jazz very often, but I will admit the music was relaxing.  I had no idea Wayne Brady was a vocalist in addition to being a comedian.  His performance was great.  We also heard Kyle Wolverton play the saxophone; and Jesse Cook, a guitarist.  That was it; we only survived the heat through 2 1/2 performers before packing it in (and realizing one of us had way more wine than we should have!).  Total, we endured about 1 1/2 hours of pre-show sun, and about 6 hours of the show in the sun.  The high today was 86°F.  Good thing they had cold wine by the bottle (it is a winery after all).

We thanked Bob and Kay for the tickets by delivering a couple bottles of wine for them to enjoy (during the cool evening hours) at home.








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