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Lowlight: I tried to turn this little guy into a pie. The recipe was from the produce market I go to.  The instructions read: mix all ingredients together and pour into pie crust.”  I mixed things in the wrong order and by the time I realized it, there was no fixing it.  The result: the egg didn’t mix in.


Eww.  Off to compost it goes.  I’ll be trying again once I go buy a new pumpkin.

Highlight: My wonderful hubby lifted my spirits after the pumpkin pie failure and helped clean the dishes and mess I made trying to bake.  And, I was able to successfully make a tasty lasagna for dinner.  Yum!


Lowlight:  The scanner my dad set up for me on Friday just would not cooperate with me.  All the negatives I was trying to scan were the wrong resolution.  I wasted somewhere around 4-5 hours scanning about 100 pictures before I realized the problem.  Jack the supervisor apparently was slacking off and didn’t help.


Highlight: The scanner issue was resolved and now I’m digitizing some amazing photos.

AC004 edit

That’s my brother and I with my Grandma.

*Smile*  I can’t wait to rediscover more photos like this.


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