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Record Time

In just two weeks time I purchased, washed, cut, sewed, sandwiched, and quilted this little beauty.

One of Alex’s coworkers is expecting a baby in October and we were invited to a baby shower this weekend to celebrate.  I am so happy to have finished this in time.

I used 8 different prints in neutral colors (which I coordinated with the bedding they registered for, both in color and style).  I cut 144 – 4″x4″ squares.  The finished quilt is approximately 42″x42″.

The quilted on the diagonal was chosen so that the quilt lines wouldn’t compete directly with the stripes on the back.  To add extra interest I quilted two lines straddling each corner intersection on the front.


I absolutely love the way this turned out.  So much so that I took very specific notes on how I made it and what I learned in the process so that I can do it again for future baby gifts. 
The parents-to-be were surprised when they opened this gift and thought it was so neat that it coordinates with their colors.  I am happy that they are so happy.  There is no better reward for something I’ve made.

Since there are no more baby showers in my near future, I’ve been thinking about trying to sell a quilt or two… especially with a little extra time off work.  What do you think?


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Secret Sewing

Back in the day {before I fell off the blogging bandwagon for 4 months} I mentioned working on a new sewing project and I never followed up about what it was.

My step-mom had approached me sometime last year with an idea of making a quilt for my dad.  Knowing my enjoyment for sewing she asked me to help her make it.  So we googled how to make a t-shirt quilt and after a good number of guilt-ridden lies and some secretive get-together she finished an amazing quilt for my dad.

Since we kept it a secret and created a web of lies about getting together to do something secretive for my step sisters wedding, first there was some explanation about what was going on…

It was all worth it though to see how much he loved it!

This is my favorite picture!!

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Sew Happy

It’s been way. too. long. since I’ve sewed.  Tonight, kitty helped supervise a little therapeutic sewing.

We were sew happy. 🙂

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Sewing for Myself

The Christmas cards went in the mail today.  All 62 of them!  That means I’ve finally got time to sew something for myself.

The fabric is cut.  Now it’s time to start sewing.  Wish me luck.  This in only my second garment (and the first was just PJ pants).

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Tonight, we celebrated our annual family holiday dinner with my dad.  While we don’t normally exchange gifts, this year was a bit unique.  We’ve got a niece on the way (due January 3rd, if she waits that long).  So, we decided to shower the new mommy-and-daddy-to-be.

As my personal gift to the baby, I made a quilt.

I used 13 different fabrics in coordinating pinks, yellows and greens, plus a different fabric for both the border/binding and the back; 15 different fabrics total!

Each square was cut to 3″x3″.  And the overall finished dimensions are about 42″x55″

I quilted on the diagonal through every other square.  I had originally intended to quilt through every square, but I thought that would be too busy.

The backing fabric has cute little words like dance, play, sing, dream, imagine, wish, create, bloom.  It was my inspiration for the whole thing. 

I absolutely love the way this quilt turned out.  For being only my third quilt (and only the second that I machine quilted) I am so proud of myself.  And, the mommy-to-be loved it.  Hopefully my new niece will too! 

Now, don’t forget to head over to Kim‘s and see what everyone else made for this weeks Dare to Give Homemade Gifts party.

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Today is week 1 of the Dare to DIY Party at Kim’s.

I decided to keep things simple for my Thanksgiving DIY project.  We don’t have many decorations for holidays other than Christmas, and I’m okay with that.  I prefer decor items that are multipurpose, functional,and simple.  So I kept my focus on Fall items that I can enjoy all season each year.  So, what did I come up with?


I decided to sew some nice linens for our Thanksgiving dinner.  Since our dining room is small, our table only seats 6 with the leaf.  In order to seat 8 for dinner, we have a second table, which I use as a craft table in my sewing room (as pictured below), that gets moved for dinners.  Because our second table is from Ikea and isn’t as pretty, I prefer to cover it up.  So, I decided to make a tablecloth for our Ikea table, and place mats for our regular dining room table (also, our regular table is just big enough that 56″ wide home decor fabric wasn’t quite big enough to make a nice tablecloth).  This worked perfect as we can use the place mats all year too.


I bought 3.5 yards of the tablecloth fabric which was enough to make the tablecloth as well as 8 place mats.  This fabric was on sale for $6 a yard!  I also bought 2 yards of the plaid to make a set of 12 napkins.  At $3 a yard it was a steal!  Total, I spent about $30 on fabric and thread for make everything.


I shopped around and found that a set of napkins easily costs $15 and a tablecloth alone is $25-30.  So, I’d say I made a great set of linens for a good price.

In case you’re wondering, the place mat shown above isn’t hemmed yet.  I didn’t anticipate quite how long all the ironing and sewing would take and I’m not quite done.  I’ve just got to hem all the placements before next week.

Lastly, I’m trying to make a couple items for a centerpiece.  I’m inspired by Jane’s Wire Pumpkin Project.  So far, I’ve bought the wire.  I have hopes of making something today.  I thought I’d start with a pumpkin or two and then wonder if I can create a wire cornucopia.  Wish me luck.

Don’t forget to check out all the awesome DIY projects at the Party through the list of links on Newlywoodward.

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Nothing but a couple ordinary days around here.

Dinner last night was delicious. It was my favorite kind. No recipes and took almost no time in the kitchen.  Whole Roast Chicken (I was inspired as they were on sale for $0.99/lb). Golden Nugget Squash. Chicken and Broccoli Rasta Roni. Oh, and our favorite guest, Charles Shaw 🙂


I have spent all my free time in my sewing room.  Progress is being made.  I’m on to the part I feared – the quilting.  This is my second quilt, but I tied the first.  After much frustration last night, I realized my first quilt isn’t going to be perfect so I moved on.  I enjoy the doing more than the stress of making it perfect.

Do you see Chica and Jack there in the doorway? They’re always around to help.

Today, I stubbed my toe really bad.  It involved blood. Yikes.  Since I was such a trooper and did such a good job of bandaging it up, I rewarded myself with the very last piece of birthday pie. And a dollop mountain of whipped topping.


My toe almost feels better.  I’m taking a break from some responsibilities and going to quilt some more.

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