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Merry Christmas!


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The Other Turkeys

I roasted a turkey for Thanksgiving.  But we also served another kind of turkey at our house.

Sugar cookie turkeys!  Back in August I co-hosted a bridal shower and we decorated cookies for favors and the cookie decorating bug has been biting me ever since.  So I splurged on some quality supplies (like piping tips and bags) and have been practicing my steady hands and icing recipe.

I also took care of my 3-year-old nephew and made him a fire engine cookie.  Because really, what little boy cares about turkey and leaf cookies?

Pretty soon it’ll be gingermen, stars and Christmas trees.  I can’t wait!

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This week’s theme for the Dare to Blog Party is all about traditions.  Here are just a few of our favorite holiday traditions:

1. Christmas music starting the day after Thanksgiving (My favorite new-to-me song this year is All I Want for Christmas is a Hippopotamus)
2. Movies: Miracle on 34th Street (only in B&W), It’s a Wonderful Life (only in B&W), National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, The Christmas Story, Elf.
3. Christmas morning at Alex’s Dads.  Stockings. Our super cute nephew. Breakfast.  Pure Fun and Joy.
4. A family dinner with my Dad’s side of the family and my Mom’s side sometime in December. When we can all be there.
5. Bailey’s and Eggnog.
6. Shopping for gifts for my hubby. He’s always my favorite person to buy for.
7. Sending Christmas cards to friends and family. Including a photo from the year and a letter of what we’re up to.
8. Getting the mail everyday and the anticipation of receiving Christmas cards.
9. Trying to add new decorations to the outside of the house every year.
10. Cookies. (I actually had to hide some in the freezer so I wouldn’t see them and eat 2 every time I walked past the kitchen.)

Don’t forget to check out everyone else’s traditions at Newlywoodwards.

Big Thanks to all of Kim’s hard work to host these parties.  I’ve had so much fun and enjoyed finding new blogs to add to my must-read list.

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Some of my favorite Christmas ornaments are the handmade items from my childhood.  So, for this weeks “Dare To” challenge, I wanted to make holiday decor that I could share with friends and family this holiday season. 

I searched the internet up and down until I found a craft that wouldn’t look like something my 5-year old niece made.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my niece, and her kindergarten art skills are great, but, I wanted a sophisticated craft I felt like others would appreciate.  And I found this:

Instructions here

I set up a little assembly line and mass-produced these little Christmas light Rudolphs.

And I ended up with a whole army of them to share.

Best of all, these were inexpensive.  I found lights for 15 cents apiece at my local hardware store.  And spend about 99 cents each on pipe cleaners, ribbon, bells, noses, and eyes.  I hope I have a few left over to add to my own tree. 🙂

Don’t forget to check out everyone else’s DIY decor at Newlywoodward’s:

PS.  I’ll admit, my VERY favorite ornament isn’t homemade, but how can you beat this?


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Christmas Crafting

Our Christmas cards are a work in progress.  I decided to do a little crafting with them this year and love it.  The satisfaction of making something to send to others is delightful.

I only hope I can finish them in time to be delivered before Christmas day. 

I did take a little crafting break yesterday to decorate the tree.

PS. I’m excited to see that this is my 100th post!  I feel like that is a significant milestone. 🙂

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Oh Christmas Tree!



Thanks, Alex, for getting going Christmas tree shopping with the most picky price conscious wife ever and getting it set up in the house and watering it when I forgot.  Love you!
Now if only the tree would decorate itself and the rest of the house.

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Yesterday, I helped my mom host a table at her church’s Women’s Christmas Dessert.
Each year, women from the church volunteer to decorate tables for the event.  This year, they had about 30 tables set up.  Volunteers are responsible for providing china, silverware, water glasses, mugs or tea cups, a centerpiece or decorations, and candles.  The event is offered 2 evenings for dessert, and one morning for tea.  My mom generously purchased all 8 tickets for our table and we both invited friends to join us last night.

This year we had a list of about 12 desserts and got to sample 4 different bite sized treats.  Options included mini-tarts, mini-brownies, cheesecake bites, and my favorite was a called a Banana Dome.  The event is only open for women to attend (and with about 30 tables, thats around 240 ladies, wow!).  The best part, men from the church volunteer to serve us.

Last night’s entertainment included a couple who sang a few christmas duets, a woman who shared some humours stories, and we closed with a quick Christmas sing along.

Our peppermint white and red themed table looked beautiful, the social time was refreshing and it was a great way to start the holiday season.

PS. We did this all on a budget.  My mom found the china, and we both purchased peppermint themed ornaments, during day-after-Christmas sales last year.  And my mom found red napkins at an after-Valentine’s-Day sale.  I found the vase at Cost Plus for 50% off (only $18!) and the branches were free from my yard!  All the glassware came from thrift stores and it was beautiful (and in sets of 8).  We proved that you don’t have to break the bank to celebrate and decorate.

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