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Yesterday, I helped my mom host a table at her church’s Women’s Christmas Dessert.
Each year, women from the church volunteer to decorate tables for the event.  This year, they had about 30 tables set up.  Volunteers are responsible for providing china, silverware, water glasses, mugs or tea cups, a centerpiece or decorations, and candles.  The event is offered 2 evenings for dessert, and one morning for tea.  My mom generously purchased all 8 tickets for our table and we both invited friends to join us last night.

This year we had a list of about 12 desserts and got to sample 4 different bite sized treats.  Options included mini-tarts, mini-brownies, cheesecake bites, and my favorite was a called a Banana Dome.  The event is only open for women to attend (and with about 30 tables, thats around 240 ladies, wow!).  The best part, men from the church volunteer to serve us.

Last night’s entertainment included a couple who sang a few christmas duets, a woman who shared some humours stories, and we closed with a quick Christmas sing along.

Our peppermint white and red themed table looked beautiful, the social time was refreshing and it was a great way to start the holiday season.

PS. We did this all on a budget.  My mom found the china, and we both purchased peppermint themed ornaments, during day-after-Christmas sales last year.  And my mom found red napkins at an after-Valentine’s-Day sale.  I found the vase at Cost Plus for 50% off (only $18!) and the branches were free from my yard!  All the glassware came from thrift stores and it was beautiful (and in sets of 8).  We proved that you don’t have to break the bank to celebrate and decorate.


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I Love a Good Deal

I had one of those days that every bargain hunter dreams of.

First, Gap celebrated Veteran’s day by offering 25% off every purchase.  I happened to be downtown for a meeting, only 1 block away from 3 stories of Gap goodness.  I found a cute shirt on final sale for $2.97!  So, naturally, I bought it in 4 different colors.  A bit much?  Maybe, but for that price, I couldn’t go wrong.


Of course I modeled one for you!  I also picked up a super comfy pair of sweats, and a cute, light sweatshirt.  Both for less than $10 a piece (that’s cheaper than I could find at Target!)

In preparation for Thanksgiving I’ve been shopping for a few critical items, a large platter for the turkey and a gravy boat.  I wanted something simple and classic that I can keep forever, but inexpensive as they’re pieces that may only be used once a year.  After coveting items from Crate and Barrel, I found the Tar-jay equivalents for less than half the price.  They are perfect.


And that vase?  That vase is the central element of a grand plan for a Christmas dessert event centerpiece.  I couldn’t believe I found such a great piece and on sale for $18 at Cost Plus.

Shopping success.
PS. Have you heard about the coupon for 30% off at Old Navy this weekend?  I’m avoiding going anywhere, so that I’m not tempted to go shopping again. 🙂

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Happy Halloween

Pumpkins circa 2008

I like to buy my pumpkins at the last minute – they’re cheaper 🙂  We’ll see if I pick any up today though; my motivation has been lacking this year.

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The nightstands in our master bedroom have a bit of a story.

Our bedroom set was actually my bedroom furniture before we were married.  My parents bought it for me in high school as an upgrade from my twin bed and kid dresser.  I absolutely love it, so we kept the set after the wedding.  The only flaw it had was that it only had one nightstand (okay, it has another, its only a queen sized bed, really, its for the best because a king would never fit in our tiny room, but boy would that extra mattress space be fantastic).  So, for my birthday last year Alex built a matching nightstand.

Did you catch that?  Let me say it again.

Alex built a nightstand to match perfectly with the one we already had!

I love this bedroom set even more now.  I’m not sure I will ever be able part with it.  Check out the matching pair:

IMG_4885  IMG_4886


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We had some frames that weren’t working on the wall in the family room.  So, I took the opportunity to give the bedroom a little change of scenery.

All I did was a switcheroo of all the frames and I got a new, fresh look.  What do you think?





The biggest change is the photos above the bed fill that wall much better.  The picture that used to be above the bed is very important to me, its a papyrus painting of the goddess Isis that my dad brought back from a trip to Egypt.  Since I love it so much, I wanted to keep it in the room, so I just moved a couple things around.  This also allowed me to remove the 3 individual frames by the door that were just too simple for this room’s style.

My question to you – are the frames above the bed too far apart? Not far enough? Or just right? Let me know what you think.

PS. The new frames above the bed were built by Alex and his dad.  That makes them even more special to me.

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