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Some of my favorite Christmas ornaments are the handmade items from my childhood.  So, for this weeks “Dare To” challenge, I wanted to make holiday decor that I could share with friends and family this holiday season. 

I searched the internet up and down until I found a craft that wouldn’t look like something my 5-year old niece made.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my niece, and her kindergarten art skills are great, but, I wanted a sophisticated craft I felt like others would appreciate.  And I found this:

Instructions here

I set up a little assembly line and mass-produced these little Christmas light Rudolphs.

And I ended up with a whole army of them to share.

Best of all, these were inexpensive.  I found lights for 15 cents apiece at my local hardware store.  And spend about 99 cents each on pipe cleaners, ribbon, bells, noses, and eyes.  I hope I have a few left over to add to my own tree. 🙂

Don’t forget to check out everyone else’s DIY decor at Newlywoodward’s:

PS.  I’ll admit, my VERY favorite ornament isn’t homemade, but how can you beat this?



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Christmas Crafting

Our Christmas cards are a work in progress.  I decided to do a little crafting with them this year and love it.  The satisfaction of making something to send to others is delightful.

I only hope I can finish them in time to be delivered before Christmas day. 

I did take a little crafting break yesterday to decorate the tree.

PS. I’m excited to see that this is my 100th post!  I feel like that is a significant milestone. 🙂

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Today is week 1 of the Dare to DIY Party at Kim’s.

I decided to keep things simple for my Thanksgiving DIY project.  We don’t have many decorations for holidays other than Christmas, and I’m okay with that.  I prefer decor items that are multipurpose, functional,and simple.  So I kept my focus on Fall items that I can enjoy all season each year.  So, what did I come up with?


I decided to sew some nice linens for our Thanksgiving dinner.  Since our dining room is small, our table only seats 6 with the leaf.  In order to seat 8 for dinner, we have a second table, which I use as a craft table in my sewing room (as pictured below), that gets moved for dinners.  Because our second table is from Ikea and isn’t as pretty, I prefer to cover it up.  So, I decided to make a tablecloth for our Ikea table, and place mats for our regular dining room table (also, our regular table is just big enough that 56″ wide home decor fabric wasn’t quite big enough to make a nice tablecloth).  This worked perfect as we can use the place mats all year too.


I bought 3.5 yards of the tablecloth fabric which was enough to make the tablecloth as well as 8 place mats.  This fabric was on sale for $6 a yard!  I also bought 2 yards of the plaid to make a set of 12 napkins.  At $3 a yard it was a steal!  Total, I spent about $30 on fabric and thread for make everything.


I shopped around and found that a set of napkins easily costs $15 and a tablecloth alone is $25-30.  So, I’d say I made a great set of linens for a good price.

In case you’re wondering, the place mat shown above isn’t hemmed yet.  I didn’t anticipate quite how long all the ironing and sewing would take and I’m not quite done.  I’ve just got to hem all the placements before next week.

Lastly, I’m trying to make a couple items for a centerpiece.  I’m inspired by Jane’s Wire Pumpkin Project.  So far, I’ve bought the wire.  I have hopes of making something today.  I thought I’d start with a pumpkin or two and then wonder if I can create a wire cornucopia.  Wish me luck.

Don’t forget to check out all the awesome DIY projects at the Party through the list of links on Newlywoodward.

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I received an awesome email a few days ago from Kim at Newlywoodwards.  She invited me to take part in her Dare to DIY Blog Party!  My first thought was to say no, because I don’t consider myself the most crafty or creative person (you should see some of the craft talent I read on blogs everyday!).  But I thought that whenever I have a party, the more the merrier, so how could I turn Kim down?  I’m so excited to take part and see what all the other wonderful ladies come up with.

Dare to DIY_Page_2

So, I better get my creative juices rolling (and scour the internet for fun ideas.  For instance, have you checked out Martha Stewart’s Thanksgiving decoration ideas?  They’re so fun!) for the upcoming 6 weeks of the Party.

Feel free to check out the details over on Newlywoodwards and join in yourself if you’d like.

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