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Hi Friends!  Still finding it challenging to find time to blog and balance work and life.  Here’s a little glimpse into the fun we’ve had over the last week.

Superbowl Success!

A friendly night of competition.


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Alex and I had a big date yesterday and went to the fair.  I ate a corn dog, a block of curly fries, and we just had to finish the night off with a funnel cake.  I think we both met our fried food quota for 2010.
We saw the All-Alaskan Pig Races, watched the lumberjack show, meandered through barns of cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, poultry, swine, dairy cows, and pigmy goats.
The highlight of the outing was the speedway.  Events included Figure 8 school buses races, hornet races, rolling cars, and the demolition derby.  The finale was a fireworks show. 

Chevy had a display of cars and trucks at the fair.  Alex tried this one on for size.  I think he looks pretty good.

The cars were all on display before the event and drivers were available to answer questions and sign autographs.

5 and 1/2 school buses racing the Figure 8 track.


And of course, some demolition action:

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Katie and Chris.

This weekend was 3 days of celebration for my step-sister Katie who got married!  The wedding was on Whidbey Island so Alex and I rode the ferry 6 times coming and going to family dinners, rehearsal, and the wedding day festivities.  And I had the honor of standing by my sister’s side to support her on this important day.

We love you Katie and Chris and wish you a lifetime of happiness!

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Summer Grilling

Saturday was an ideal summer day.
Windows open.  Lawn mowing.  Housework.  Beer.
Quality time with my husband.

And an oven at 180 degrees all day cooking this.

6 1/2 pounds of baby back ribs.

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The World Became So Much Cuter

Last weekend my brother and sister-and-law welcomed a sweet baby girl to their family.  Alex and I were able to go see the one week old cutie this weekend.

I absolutely love her!  She has my brothers dimpled chin and the softest bit of hair on her head.  I better be careful because when they’re this tiny and cute it makes me want one! …And then I remember spending last Sunday with our 2 1/2 year-old nephew.  He better get his act together or he’ll have Alex convinced we should never have kids. 😉

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The Go Kart is Back in Service

It started as a small noise.  And then got louder, like a rattle.  And then louder still.  Alex called his dad on skype.  He started the car for his dad to hear the terrible noise and the immediate response was “turn it off! turn it off!”  Poor sick car.  After about a week in the garage (I know, can you even believed we fit a car in there!?) my car is back in good health.  The work included a brand new water pump, timing belt, some nuts and bolts and washers, some fluids, a couple new tools, and probably other parts I didn’t know an engine had.

With much help from modern technology (yay google and my super smart father-in-law consulting via skype over and over) my amazing husband put humpty dumpty back together again!  Yay.

In case you wonder, my car sits so much lower to the ground than Alex’s and really zips-zips around town, so he calls it a Go Kart.

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Oh Christmas Tree!



Thanks, Alex, for getting going Christmas tree shopping with the most picky price conscious wife ever and getting it set up in the house and watering it when I forgot.  Love you!
Now if only the tree would decorate itself and the rest of the house.

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