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The Other Turkeys

I roasted a turkey for Thanksgiving.  But we also served another kind of turkey at our house.

Sugar cookie turkeys!  Back in August I co-hosted a bridal shower and we decorated cookies for favors and the cookie decorating bug has been biting me ever since.  So I splurged on some quality supplies (like piping tips and bags) and have been practicing my steady hands and icing recipe.

I also took care of my 3-year-old nephew and made him a fire engine cookie.  Because really, what little boy cares about turkey and leaf cookies?

Pretty soon it’ll be gingermen, stars and Christmas trees.  I can’t wait!


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I’m Baaack!

I intended to sit down tonight and write a post about Thanksgiving 2010.  But thanks to this little beauty I received for my birthday,

and the extra-large photo files which it creates, I spent too much time tonight learning to down-size pictures to a reasonable size for web uploading.  So the Thanksgiving Re-cap will have to wait.  But I hope you’ll be seeing a lot more of me around here.  I’ve definitely been taking more pictures these days.

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