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Secret Sewing

Back in the day {before I fell off the blogging bandwagon for 4 months} I mentioned working on a new sewing project and I never followed up about what it was.

My step-mom had approached me sometime last year with an idea of making a quilt for my dad.  Knowing my enjoyment for sewing she asked me to help her make it.  So we googled how to make a t-shirt quilt and after a good number of guilt-ridden lies and some secretive get-together she finished an amazing quilt for my dad.

Since we kept it a secret and created a web of lies about getting together to do something secretive for my step sisters wedding, first there was some explanation about what was going on…

It was all worth it though to see how much he loved it!

This is my favorite picture!!


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Days have been filled with…

  • an evening picnic at a live concert in the park
  • barbecuing
  • priming the walls of the bathroom
  • sewing
  • reading
  • campfires in the fire pit

I love summer.

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Sew Happy

It’s been way. too. long. since I’ve sewed.  Tonight, kitty helped supervise a little therapeutic sewing.

We were sew happy. 🙂

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Lingerie Soiree

Yesterday I had the joy of co-hosting a lingerie bridal shower for my best friend.  Her wedding is in less than 2 months and I can’t wait to stand by her side as her maid of honor!
The theme was bright summer colors and lingerie.  We made Martha Stewart’s tissue poms for decoration.  They were a big hit.  Everyone wanted to know just how we made them.


The event was planned by myself, 2 bridesmaids, and the bride’s mother.

Since the event started at 2 PM, we loaded a table full of light, summery food – chocolate covered strawberries, mixed nuts, cucumber sandwiches, tea cookies, cheese and crackers, fruit skewers, and M&M’s.


Yesterday happened to be a record-breaking day in the area with temperatures in the mid-to-high 90’s!  So we also had an abundance of cold beverages: Spatinis, punch, lemon water, bottled water, and Izze sodas.

The favors were sets of lingerie cookies. They turned out so cute!  And we capped the event by serving Chocolate Silk Cake with Bavarian Cream Filling and White Buttercream Frosting.  Yes, it IS as delicious as it sounds.

And we couldn’t finish off without a photo of the bride and her local bridal party.

Love you K! I can’t wait to throw you a bachelorette party too!

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Katie and Chris.

This weekend was 3 days of celebration for my step-sister Katie who got married!  The wedding was on Whidbey Island so Alex and I rode the ferry 6 times coming and going to family dinners, rehearsal, and the wedding day festivities.  And I had the honor of standing by my sister’s side to support her on this important day.

We love you Katie and Chris and wish you a lifetime of happiness!

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Summer Grilling

Saturday was an ideal summer day.
Windows open.  Lawn mowing.  Housework.  Beer.
Quality time with my husband.

And an oven at 180 degrees all day cooking this.

6 1/2 pounds of baby back ribs.

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