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About time I have something to blog about again.
Do you know those cartoons from the newspaper where you have to find the difference between the two pictures?  I used to love those!  Heres your chance to play.


Lately I’d been feeling like our curb appeal was lacking and this GIANT shrub had a lot to do with it (okay, and the abundance of springtime plants at the local market has made me want to plant anything and everything!).  I suggested to Alex that we rip it out.  He thought we should just trim it down.  The deciding vote from our neighbor sealed the plan to trim it.  And then we started.  I went inside to make a snack.  When I came back, there was no saving it.  Apparently some beer and hard liquor and Alex gets a little quick with the pruning.  (What? Drinking makes yard work so much easier.)

I love the end result.  Now we just have to deal with this.

Note to self: We need another case of Bud Light.


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February Highlights

Lets be real, I just can’t keep up with the monthly goals like Kim.  New goal: let’s just enjoy whatever it is I accomplish each month.  Here’s what I loved about February.

  • Watching Olympics, Olympics, and more Olympics
  • A special night out with my hubby to celebrate Valentines Day (which marked 11 years since our second date and first kiss in High School!)
  • Celebrating a family birthday on Valentines Day
  • Attending events and observing National Engineers Week
  • Having a couple of job interviews
  • Working out at the gym with Alex and learning to lift weights
  • Reading
  • Spending a number of morning with my now 7 week old niece
  • Starting a new sewing project
  • Watching all the crocus and mini-daffodils open up
  • Checking out a dozen books about Northwest gardening from the library
  • Enjoying an early spring soaking up the sun and working to clean up the yard

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