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My best friend took a class in college to learn the play the piano. Her fiance is an amazing piano player and when I saw this video at Happily Ever After in Seattle I thought of my friend.  I think she’d better start taking piano lessons again so someday when she and her soon-to-be-husband are 90 she’ll be prepared for this.


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Welcome to the Jungle

While strolling the aisles of Target last month, I came across some fun curtains.  After shopping for a duvet cover for over a year and deciding I couldn’t justify the cost of anything I absolutely love, these curtains became the inspiration for a quick bedroom makeover.  At half-off (because they were an online purchase returned to the store) I couldn’t walk away.  And I found an inexpensive solid duvet cover that works great.

I can’t believe we lived without curtains for over two years.  The window was so naked.

Next up, a new quilt for the bed.  I washed and dried the fabric earlier this week.  Time to get cutting and sewing.

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The Wife’s Goals

February Goals
Finish a book
Blog some
Enjoy some time with my new niece

Try getting that new quilt going
Give knitting a go

Try a few new recipes
Make Alex some Super Bowl Yummies

Make the most of the new YMCA membership and hit the gym a lot

January Goals – How’d I Do?
Read 2 books – Total Fail!  I’m about 1/3 done with one book.

Start a new quilt – Well, I bought the fabric, that’s a start, right?
Buy a curtain rod and hang new bedroom curtains – Done, but not blogged.
Sew something (another shirt attempt? a tote bag? a new purse? a wallet?) – Nope.
Learn to knit – I Borrowed a book, does that count?
Blog 2-3 times each week – well, this only lasted a few weeks, but I gave it a good try.

Meal Plan – mostly
Try one new recipe each week – I made a whole lot of new things in January
Try at least one cooking light recipe – Hm, don’t think I did this…
Bake more treats for the dogs (and use the new cookie cutters they got for Christmas!) – yes, and blogged ’em!

Walk the dogs – Fail… I wish summer would come back.
Use our 3-day free pass for the YMCA gym – Yes! and we joined the YMCA

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