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Trick or Treat


Give me something good to eat!


The real way to show your dog you love em’ is to make their costume!


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Happy Halloween

Pumpkins circa 2008

I like to buy my pumpkins at the last minute – they’re cheaper ūüôā¬† We’ll see if I pick any up today though; my motivation has been lacking this year.

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This was delivered to my house last weekend via Terry’s Delivery Service (thanks Dad!):


On a recent trip to visit “Grandma Amy” (who isn’t my Grandma in particular, but she is collectively just known as Grandma Amy), my dad and stepmom brought back a few pieces of furniture, including this chair.


I sat in it and fell in love!¬† It’s the perfect size, not too wide and not too¬†narrow; not too short and not too tall.¬† And it’s so¬†comfy!¬† It’s got a bit of a bounce to it and tilts back just right when you sit down.¬† I told Alex I wanted to adopt it and I think he thought I was c.r.a.z.y.¬† We compromised, I promised that if it didn’t fit well in our house we would sell it or give it away… which translated to, if I can convince you to let it come through our front door, I’m sure I can convince you to¬†let it stay.¬† Also, my stepmom wanted to get it out of her garage before my dad convinced her that it went well in their living room in a way similar to how I convinced Alex (hello, where do you think I learned my negotiating skills?).¬† And boy was I right about the chair.¬† I wasn’t there to accept the delivery, but the gracious delivery man (thanks again Dad!) said a certain someone *CoughAlexCough* sat in it and said “wow, this if comfy!”¬†


You might be surprised to hear that the fabric you see is actually a slip cover.¬† Yep.¬† I’ll leave it to your imagination to picture what could possibly be under that lovely golden-yellow¬†bird motif.¬† I promised Alex we’d recover it (part of my negotiation)¬†– it would be a¬†new sewing adventure for me!¬† But, up against the Mojave Gold (official Behr paint name) walls in our family room, I sort of like the golden chair.¬† Alex still feels otherwise.

We’ve got so many projects going on right now that it’ll be that color for a while.¬† Then we’ll see.¬† It would be a fun sewing project though.


PS. Can you tell the dogs like the chair?¬† Jack says it’s a great place to sit and play Farmville, surf Facebook, and write blog posts.¬† Extra bonus that I fit in the chair with him to help.¬† What can I say, he’s a busy dog but lacks opposable thumbs!

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A recent blog comment from Jacci (who has a great blog about making her house a home) made me realize it had been quite a while since I mentioned our family room remodel… probably because we’d taken a bit of a break.¬† After the drywall was up it seemed livable so we enjoyed that for a while.

But, recent plans to host Thanksgiving at our house as encouraged us to get going again.¬† Alex mudded for a few days and¬†then¬†let¬†me take over because he says I’m the professional (I mudded and sanded a house for a week with habitat for humanity.¬† Probably 8 years ago.¬† I’m totally a professional. Right.)¬† Each day this week I’ve worked on mudding and sanding.¬† I’ve quickly realized working on a remodel is tough, the¬†new¬†drywall doesn’t all lay flush with the 50-year-old drywall and it takes quite a while to get it looking smooth.¬† Lots of thin layers really is the key.

Go back here if you’d like to remind yourself what it looked like at my last update, almost 2 months ago.

Here it is tonight:


I think another day or two* and we’ll be ready for primer.¬† I can’t wait for the day that the shop vac and¬†step stool¬†aren’t family room furniture anymore.

*Okay, another day or two probably mean 2 weeks, because house project timelines always take at least 5 times as long as we think.

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It Only Takes $1.19…

… to entertain a 5-year-old.

Last week I watched my niece Zoe again.  We did the usual, eat lunch, play some Wii, give the dogs treats, and go to the park. 


This week though we spent $1.19 on some store brand white bread and bought ourselves some great entertainment.


We fed the ducks.



(Next time we better buy a few loaves)






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I had my favorite lunch today.¬† Grilled peanut butter and jelly.¬† It’s like grilled cheese except remove the cheese and replace it with peanut butter and jelly.¬† It’s a meal I remember having as a kid.

The best part is when the peanut butter and jelly are hot and ooze out the sides.

Never had it? (Never even heard of it?) Give it a try.¬† It’s best on white bread; wheat bread just ruins it.

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Weekend Waves

I had an awesome weekend with my bestest friend in the world.


Karen was able to escape work early on Friday and we¬†left town¬†before lunch.¬† After getting some cash, eating at Karen’s favorite place (Red Robin) and stopping at an estate sale on the way, we headed to the coast.

However, due to some record rainfall in the region on Friday, we started out with a long traffic delay – 45 minutes of crawling due to an injury accident blocking 2 lanes.

Oh well.  We eventually made it to the beach and enjoyed the rest of the night with some pizza, wine and a movie.

After a late breakfast at a local cafe, we spent mid-day Saturday walking the beach.¬† The tide was higher than I’ve ever seen and it was raining, so there were no shells to be found and we came back soaked.¬† But, it was relaxing and so worth it.



Can you see the rain on Karen’s coat and my glasses? We were cold and wet!


The rest of the day included relaxing on the couch, drinking more wine, eating chips with salsa & guacamole and¬†quesadillas for dinner, and watching season one of Sex and the City.¬† Everything a girl’s weekend should include.






Luckily, the weather cleared up by Sunday and we took a quick walk on the beach before having to pack up and head home.


I loved the drive home.  The changing leaves are my favorite part of Fall.




I was sad to see the weekend end, but Jack and Chica were glad to drop Karen off and reclaim the front seat and get back home.

Jack’s favorite spot in the car, “I’m inside the car, but I can smell the outside!”


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