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What Did I Do on Tuesday?

…Meal Planned and bought groceries.

One of the things I’ve enjoyed about being off work is getting groceries mid-week and mid-day.  The stores are never busy and there’s no traffic.  So, I’m able to go to the produce market, Costco, and the grocery store.

I brought my camera along today and snapped a few photos here and there.

First, you’ll never guess what I found at Costco. Sorry for the blurry photo, I snapped it quick, because what would people think of some lady taking pictures of a pallet full of bottled sauce at Costco??


Panda Express Orange Chicken Sauce!  For only $4.95 for such a large bottle, you could really save some money making it yourself at home.  I didn’t buy any, but I’m thinking orange chicken will be on the menu soon and I’ll be back to take it home.

Next, the grocery store had some beautiful cabbage and kale plants.



This week was an unusal week.  I really stocked up…


Things that jumped into my shopping cart included the new Mikes Punch.  I tried one when I got home and it’s tasty!


I also bought Costco Garlic Bread.  If you’ve never had it, go get some.  They bake it fresh everyday.  It’s even warm with you pick it up from the shelf!  I slice it as soon as I get home and keep it in the freezer.  Then, when we want some, I can just defrost a slice or two at a time.  You will always find some in our freezer.  Always! It’s considered a staple here.


And, I bought 4 packages of ground turkey.


Why?  Well, at $4.99 a pop, that would normally be $20 worth of meat.  But, these were all marked “Use or freeze by 9/30/09”.  That’s tomorrow.  So they each had a $3 off coupon attached.  That’s just $1.99 for each 1.25# package.  So, I got $20 worth of turkey for only $8!  I love deals like that!


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Hello Fall!

It went from summer to fall in no time flat!  I have to say I enjoyed the extra weeks of nice weather we had though.

Before the rain moved in today, I ran errands.  I finally stopped by a park just about a mile from our house and took some photos.









By the time I finished errands, the sun was trying so hard:


You can see the rain hitting the asphalt, the small river that formed in the street, and the waterfall which is our gutter overflowing.


Jack, however, could care less about the waterfall.

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At the Market

One of the things I love about where we live is the local produce market.  I love buying fresh produce.  It also encourages us to try some new things, and I think we really save on our grocery bill by buying things here instead of the grocery store.  And, what’s better than supporting a local business?


Recently, I’ve been enjoying all of the seasonal change.


Mmm. Fall Squash.


Sugar Pie Pumpkins


The Pumpkin Pie recipe that I’ll be giving another go this week.


Wow, check out those HUGE pumpkins


Lastly, do you see how big those cabbage are??  Someone could can some serious sauerkraut with one of those!

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New Favorite Blog

I discovered this blog yesterday.

Our Best Bites

If you like to cook or bake, you need to go check it out right now.  There are some very yummy looking things over there.  I’m loving all the fall cooking: sweet potato fries, pumpkin cheesecake, chipotle chocolate chili, pumpkin cheesecake bites, and pumpkin alfredo sauce… I think I have a pumpkin obsession right now…

And those personal pies in a jar? Amazing! Who wants to come over for dinner?  I need to make these.

Between this new site and my Cooking Light magazine, I don’t think there are enough hours or meals in the day!  Can someone create a new meal?  Maybe something between lunch and dinner?  Or maybe a 2nd dinner?


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Lowlight: I tried to turn this little guy into a pie. The recipe was from the produce market I go to.  The instructions read: mix all ingredients together and pour into pie crust.”  I mixed things in the wrong order and by the time I realized it, there was no fixing it.  The result: the egg didn’t mix in.


Eww.  Off to compost it goes.  I’ll be trying again once I go buy a new pumpkin.

Highlight: My wonderful hubby lifted my spirits after the pumpkin pie failure and helped clean the dishes and mess I made trying to bake.  And, I was able to successfully make a tasty lasagna for dinner.  Yum!


Lowlight:  The scanner my dad set up for me on Friday just would not cooperate with me.  All the negatives I was trying to scan were the wrong resolution.  I wasted somewhere around 4-5 hours scanning about 100 pictures before I realized the problem.  Jack the supervisor apparently was slacking off and didn’t help.


Highlight: The scanner issue was resolved and now I’m digitizing some amazing photos.

AC004 edit

That’s my brother and I with my Grandma.

*Smile*  I can’t wait to rediscover more photos like this.

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Betty Crocker’s Beef Stroganoff

Friday night dinner at home featured Beef Stroganoff.

It was different from what I’d expected.  Probably because the only beef stroganoff I’ve ever made was this:

The real stuff however was delicious!  (Ironically, I used the recipe from my Betty Crocker Cookbook.  She changed things up from the box mix.)


And my sweet hubby sure knows how to help me make dinner – the margarita was a great finishing touch!

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We finally made the switch to a new vet on Tuesday.  While we loved our old vet, driving 45 minutes to see them was getting a bit old (we did move over 2 years ago).  I loved the vet herself, but her office staff was less than stellar, so I gave up and finally decided to moved on.  We’ll see if the new vet I picked can live up to our high expectations.

Chica did well.  She’s had a few small seizures over the last couple months, but overall her medication seems to be keeping them under control.  Her liver enzymes however aren’t looking good.  So, we’re going to try a couple weeks of antibiotics with the hopes that its only an infection and we can clear it up.  Fingers crossed.


Usual mid-morning nap, unaware of the afternoon we’re about to have.


Car rides are awesome (until you realized where they’re taking you.)

Lets just say that 3 vaccines later and Chica wasn’t in the mood for photos 🙂  Shes doing fine today though.  Ask me again tomorrow after I start giving her an extra pill and drops at each meal. :/

Today is Wednesday which means its my weekly September playdate with Zoe.  We had macaroni and cheese with apple slices for lunch.  Shopped at Target and bought coloring pages, markers and crayons. Spent the afternoon coloring.  And made a trip to the lake because this late summer/fall weather we’re having is amazing!


That cat is stealing all the good pets, I need to get in on this action.


Much better.


See mom, I really can be a good boy sometimes!





I couldn’t have asked for a better day.  I only hope the weather is this nice for my last Zoe playdate next week.

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