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Finger Lickin’ Fifteen

My best friend had this on hold at the library but she already borrowed a copy elsewhere and red it.  So, she so nicely checked it out for me!  Time to curl up in bed and start reading.

Thanks Karen!


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the drywall!  Its no longer sitting in the garage.

Here’s the progress of the remodel:

Alex replaced the sub-floor to cover up the hole for the old air return.  Jack supervised.


Chica found a piece of duct tape that used to hold the carpet pad together. It became her toilet-paper-stuck-on-the-shoe curse for a while before we saved her.


The day ended with drywall up.  Lets not focus on the dented portion on the ceiling.  There was a bit of a mishap that included a scrape on Alex’s leg, a chair falling in the hole on the floor and a really banged up piece of drywall.  We’ll pull it back down and replace it before finishing it.


It’s starting to look less like a dump and more like a house again!

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This journey really begins a week ago.  We spent a few days kitty sitting for the in-laws and the last time we went by to feed and visit their 3 cats, Alex forgot his phone in their truck.  When he went to pick it up, they’d left us a few gifts (thanks Steve and Donna!) from their vacation along with this zucchini:


When Alex brought it home I thought, ‘Are you sure that is for us?’  It was.  They had just harvested it form their garden, but had a lot of zucchini of their own too. 

I weighed it. 5 pounds 5 ounces!

I search the Internet for fun things to make with zucchini and when one of my favorite blogs published this recipe here, I knew I had to make it.  So we invited the in-laws over for dinner and planned the meal entirely around dessert.

It was very fun to make,


When presented with dessert we told everyone, “This is Zapple Pie” and they asked the obvious “what makes it Zapple?” and we said “well, thatz the zecret.”  When suggested the Z was a hint, zucchini was quickly guessed, but they were shocked that there wasn’t any apple in it, and without the Z hint, they said they wouldn’t have guessed it was zucchini.  It really does taste like Apple Pie.  Delicious!  Thanks so much to Kim and her Aunt Cathie for sharing this.


I’ve still got 2+ pounds of zucchini.  I’m hoping to try this recipe later in the week.

*For anyone who wants to try Zapple Pie, I made a couple modifications: (1) I used butter instead of margarine; (2) there are a couple glitches with the google doc, it should read 1 1/2 tsp. cinnamon; (3) I softened the butter so I could mix up the bottom crust and topping in my kitchenaid mixer; and (4) I used pecans as my nut of choice.  Oh, and it did bake about 50 minutes or a little longer.

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We’ve been busy.

It’s rained a couple times,


Chica’s fur is slowly, emphasis on the slooowly, growing back,


Jack is just Jack,


We retired our 23 year old furnace and our 16 year old hot water heater,
(More on that to come in a future post)


I found out that I’m not returning to work next week as originally planned, so I’ve been applying for some part-time jobs to fill my time for the next few months…


Lots of baby Chickadees have been visiting our suet feeder and loving it.  We’ll be watching TV and just look up to see a swarm of them.  One day I think there must have been a dozen birds on there!


We took in a Mariner’s game with my best friend and her boyfriend,






Where we did the wave,


Alex took a nap out on the deck on a sunny day,


Jack and Chica helped,


I spent an afternoon with my niece,


Who was goofy and insisted that I had to take a picture of her “like this”,


And we saw the home where her dad and her uncle (Alex) grew up,


I attended a happy hour at an awesome place, The Alibi Room, down a sketchy alley in Seattle,


And, I helped celebrate my nephew’s 2nd birthday,



Whew! I waited way to long to catch up on all of that!

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Boy, those don’t sound good together do they?
Don’t worry, we didn’t eat them all at once.

On Wednesday, we harvested the first tomato from our plants.  It was a little small but very delicious!  We sliced it up and put it on our pizza along with cheese and pepperoni.


Yesterday, I just felt like doing some cooking.  For lunch I made Egg Rolls.  I followed this recipe and they were amazing.  I love they they’re baked.  While maybe they’re still not the healthiest lunch, it’s much better than frying (and so much easier!).




After all that work, I kept dinner easy by making a casserole and focused my remaining energy on dessert – Apple Crisp.  I was inspired by the first harvest of Gravenstein Apples from Yakima at the local produce market where I’ve been buying my fresh produce all summer.  I followed a recipe from my America’s Test Kitchen cookbook (which I bought for $1 at an estate sale!).  I thought it was interesting that there weren’t any oats in the topping, only nuts (I used pecans).  It was yummy!



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I’ve been off work for 6 1/2 weeks now; only 3 1/2 weeks of summer vacation left.  You’ll see I’ve got plenty of free time on my hands:

Alex and Jess Stick Figure

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More than Green Tomatoes

Big news around here.  We’ve got tomatoes that aren’t green; they’re Red!




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