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I spent the morning debating whether I should even buy those pants I love from the Gap.  I finally talked myself into buying them even though I don’t need them.  They’re just so comfy!

And then I almost forgot them on the bus.  But, you so kindly said “ma’am” and handed the bag to me as I was leaving.

Thank you Mr. Mohawk on the Bus.  You have no idea how thankful you made me for kind people like you.

Later at dinner I saw a Visa card someone dropped on the restaurant floor.  I turning it in to the bartender.  I felt like I was paying it foward thanks to Mr. Mohawk making my afternoon.  I hope whoever the card belongs to is able to find it later and is thankful for me.  Even if I don’t have a cool mohawk.

Happy vacation day #2.


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I don’t want to get into my work life on the blog. But simply stated, there isn’t enough work to be done at the office so I’m on an unpaid vacation.  Bad news for the checkbook. Good news, maybe I’ll get some more frequent blogging done.

Today was vacation day one. How weird it is to sleep in on Monday? I was up by 8 though and got a lot done:

Analyzed our finances
Watched The Price is Right and hoped they’d somehow pick me from the audience (I could have used that $10,000 Plinko prize)
Worked on some unemployment research/paperwork
Cleaned the kitchen and watered the houseplants
Picked up dog “presents” from the backyard
Made lunch
Did some job searching online
Enjoyed some family visiting from out of town (Thanks for stopping by Linda and John!)
Started to clean out the pantry but got sidetracked and made Rice Crispy Treats instead because I found stale cereal to use up
Had dinner
Watched a couple favorite TV shows
Made cookies
Relaxed for a bit and made a list of goals for the next few weeks
Oh right, and checked facebook, email, and google reader all day. Because I could.

Wow! I’m not sure the last time I’ve had such a productive day at home.  It’s only day 1, but I could really get used to being a housewife.  🙂  I’m pretty excited for a real summer vacation – I haven’t had this much time off since high school and I’m resolved to make the most of it.

Highlights of my goals for the rest of the summer:
Go to a Mariner’s game or two with Alex
Spend a day in downtown Seattle with Alex
Go to the zoo or aquarium
Possibly go camping or take a trip to Pullman
Finish reorganizing the garage
Paint the inside of all of our closets

Yes. I’m that cool.  What can I say? A coat of fresh paint can really brighten up a space and I’ve been meaning to do it since we moved in 2 years ago.

Plans for tomorrow: Meeting in downtown Seattle and coffee with a fellow vacationing coworker; hope to take a picture of something for the blog; finish resume and cover letter.

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I can’t believe it’s been 10 whole days since I was last here.  What can I say?  The weather here has been gorgeous and we’ve been enjoying it a little too much.  And I’ve got the pictures to prove it.

My peony soaked up the sun and went from this


to this

IMG_3994  IMG_3997

overnight (okay, over-day really, but who says that?).  I couldn’t believe it!  I left for work and all the buds were closed and I came home that night and half the buds had opened!

What else have we been doing?

Watching the tomatoes grow,


Keeping an eye on the dahlia as it pops up,


Enjoying the marigolds blooming

IMG_3956  IMG_3974



And watching the grass grow,

IMG_3983  IMG_3985

Meanwhile, my amazing hubby has been working on organizing the garage and I’ve been working on this


One of these days I’ll catch the internet up on the story of my sewing (I just started last October).

And, we’ve been spending time with family,


Happy sunshine to everyone!

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