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Who wants a BLT?

We do!  That’s why we planted tomatoes in the backyard! 

We thought 3 plants would be a good start for this year.  Two are Early Girls and I think the other is an Early Goliath.  We did a little research about tomatoes and found out that tomatoes with a short growing season do best here since Seattle has a short summer that isn’t very hot.  So, we opted to buy some tomato starts at the farmers market that were grown by a local farm, The Root Connection.

Alex planted them a couple weeks ago along the back of the house.  They’re in a spot near the house where they’ll stay nice and warm and get sun almost the entire day.  Let’s hope all the research we’ve done this year helps to produce some yummy fruit.

PS. See the grass?? Yes, it’s growing! And these pictures are from two weeks ago.  Since then, Alex has mowed it a couple times and today he was re-seeding spots that haven’t come in well.  We’re a little behind on taking updated pictures, but I assure you it’s doing very well and we will share it soon.



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The Fuschias are Flourishing

The week of warm weather here has made some of our plants quite happy.  In particular, my fuchsias are starting to bloom.

I’ve got two round baskets hanging in iron hearts, and two square baskets hanging in front of the bedroom windows.


Can’t wait to see them keep growing!

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Yesterday was Alex’s step-sister’s birthday and we all celebrated with a Hawaiian themed party.

Per family tradition Steve and Donna went all out with the decorations, food, and cake!  The goodie bags included leis and party glasses.

Party Garb

Party Garb

While dinner was cooking, we had a quick game of beach ball baseball.  Rogan was a pro in the outfield.

Beach Ball Baseball

Beach Ball Baseball

Happy Birthday Andrea!

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Last weekend’s sandbox filling event was a success.  I think Rogan gives it his vote of approval.

We picked up 1300 pounds of play sand.

 Sand in Truck

While the box was treated for termintes, which had taken up residence over the winter, Alex finished up making the cover by adding anchor knobs to the box and grommets and some bunggie staps to the all-weather cover.

Termites and cover

Steve and Rogan relaxed.

Play sand bed.

And a couple hours of work later, we had a sandbox!

Sandbox playtime

Sandbox playtime

The big kids are spent, but Rogan was just getting started.

We're done!

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Weekend Plans

Alex works on Sunday, but we’ve got a fun filled Saturday ahead of us.

First, I found this.  Yes, that’s right, an estates sale with woodworking tools.  It’s Alex’s favorite kind of sale!  The last time I found a gem like this, we ended up going home with no less than a million (is that right sweetie? okay, maybe it was 3, but still three!) routers, and Alex’s dad scored some amazing wood that, from what I understand, was quite a steal!  Needless to say, we’ll be at the sale at 9 am to fight for the good stuff!

Second, I’m getting a haircut.  The last haircut I can find on my calendar was December 23rd.  Yes, that was almost 5 months ago.  My head looks like a mop, so it’s time we fixed that.

Third, a certain little man we know has an empy sandbox.
Rogan's Sandbox

Alex built the sandbox for Rogan’s first birthday.  Since the winter was coming we didn’t get sand put in it at the time.  Well, I  fashioned up a cover for the sandbox and the weather is getting nice; and how can we deny that cute little face!  So hopefully we’ll get some sand over there tomorrow (and finish attaching the last of the hardware and finding a way to tie down the cover).

Lastly, the weather should be gorgeous. Weather.com says Partly Cloudy and 74.

We’ve got plants from Flower World that have been waiting for two weeks to be put in the ground.  With a little luck we’ll dig some holes and mix in some compost and make the plants happy.

I’d say all of that will earn an evening of sitting on the deck with our (current) favorite cold friends,
Dos XX

How about you, any dates with your favorite beers?

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My dog, not my husband 🙂

I opened the sliding glass door tonight, on my way out to the deck to fire up the barbecue for grilling burgers.  Jack was so anxious to get outside the ran his little brown snout full force into the screen door.  It was hard enough that he let out a little yelp, and I had to check and make sure the didn’t puncture the screen. 

Silly dog!


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Happy Mother’s Day

The post is a day late, but we celebrated the holiday on time.  Saturday we took lilacs to Alex’s mom and to his step-sister to wish them both a Happy Mother’s Day.  Sunday, Alex had to work, but I had my mom, brother, and sister-in-law over for dinner.  We had kabobs, a green salad (and can I say, I forgot how much I love feta and mandarin oranges on a salad!), fruit salad, and Robyn made a very yummy potato salad.  For dessert we enjoyed homemade strawberry shortcakes.  Two vases of fresh lilac blooms cut from our garden decorated the table and smelled decadent!

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